She was born in the Czech Republic. She has been graduated in singing by the Prague High Musical Art Academy ( AMU ) and qualified with Honor by the Chigiana Academy, in Siena, Italy.
She has also been graduated in Musical and Languages studies by the Pedagogy College at Hradec Králové University. She has been soloist at : The Prague Mozart Opera, at The Prague operetta, at The Prague Singers Group, specialized in religious music, at The Czech Philarmonic Orchestra: “ Antonin Dvorák “, at The Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, at “ Brixi” Prague Orchestra, at “Suk” Chamber Orchestra and at Prague Virtuous Orchestra.
She has been prize-winning in several competitions, just to mention The “Antonin Dvorák” International competition at Karlovy Vary. She is now living in Spain where she has participated as soloist at the International Contemporary Music Festival in Alicante. Being the first showing of Nocturno, of Luis Cobos, with the “ Círculo de Madrid” during the 20th Century Music Courses in Segovia and at the Salamanca Contemporary Music Festival.
In 2002 She recorded García Laborda infant songs- In 2006, commemorating the 250 Mozart anniversary, she sung the Requiem in several concerts in Prague, the Stabat Mater of Bocherini, and the Stabat Mater of A. Dvorák, in Dresden, Germany.
She has also participated at the CHAMBERart Annual International Musical Festivals since 2005.
She has sung in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Cuba, Monaco, Slovenia, Russia, Slovakia…