Born and developed in a family of musicians, where his first contact with the staff arrives from the hand of his father. During his childhood and adolescence, it builds up in the duality of classical music at the Conservatory and the National School of Music in Havana, and Popular Music in the family.

Study and graduated specializing in bass and music education and as he begins his professional life involved in countless musical projects ranging from Percussion Group of ENA, Orchestras Symphonies, mainly in his native province, actuations part in recordings and in live music for Theatre, Film, TV, Opera, Music Dance and Orchestra Jazz (Big Band), also as a soloist in both genders, it has directed foreign groups of Latin Jazz, as bassist, and Popular Cuban Music and participated in various cultural encounters in different countries like Germany, Hungary, France, Canada and Puerto Rico. He currently lives in Spain, where he teaches bass, electric bass, guitar, and Musical Language, adult and started in the world of music.

Participate in meetings ChamberArt since 2007.