Roman studied music at the National School of Music at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), where he learned composition and bassoon, this last one with Louis Salomons. In 1968, in Geneva, he took a course in Contemporary Composition Techniques with Jacques Guyonnet, student of Pierre Boulez.
In 1971 he competed for and won the position of second bassoon with the State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra, of which he was a founding member. He also worked with the National Autonomous University of Mexico Philharmonic Orchestra for a year.
In 1976 he left the Symphony Orchestra to start the State of Mexico Ministry of Public Education Wind Quintet, where he worked until 1993. In this year, the Quintet went independent under the name of EOLOS and continued its intense work in chamber music.
In 2002, the Quintet broke up and Roman travelled to Spain, where he currently resides. During the last five years he has participated in the Acamadrid musical festivals.